• Pettigrew Psychological Services

    Specializing in assessment and treatment for children and adolescents

Welcome to Pettigrew Psychological Services

Dr. Pettigrew provides a wide range of individualized assessment services, including psychoeducational assessment, identification of learning problems and giftedness, identification of attention and concentration difficulties, assessment of behavioral and emotional functioning, and assessment of developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. She also provides treatment for a variety of issues, such as anxiety and mood related concerns, behavioral challenges, coping with a medical condition, and helping kids and teens developing skills to cope with bullying. Dr. Pettigrew is also happy to help parents by providing support and consultation related to common parenting concerns (e.g., sleep difficulties, limit setting).



The overall goal of assessment is to obtain the best understanding of your child or adolescent in order to offer practical recommendations that can be easily implemented to help your child or adolescent thrive.


Dr. Pettigrew works collaboratively with you and your child to develop treatment goals and to achieve efficient, long-lasting results.


A change in your child’s behavior may be a clue that they are being bullied. Dr. Pettigrew provides practical support to parents and helps kids and teens develop skills to cope with bullying.


If you are seeking support related to parenting challenges, Dr. Pettigrew is happy to help you develop and implement new strategies.